Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

Walk The Talk : Yess We're Ready To Be a Good Model

When i decided become a mother, i felt not sure what kind of mom will i be?

Will i become a funny mommy? A smart one who can solve every problem that bother my child's live, or will i be an ordinary mom, or the worst the one with only less knowledge and confused by everything's around me. Whether i hope be a good mom, still i know deep inside my heart that i have to struggle until i can achieve that "good" standard.

Lately, after granted of three sweet children i find that be a mother is a gift. You can sometimes feel helpless and not always know all the things but you still be okay.

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To build a positive relationship between me and my children, i learn from other mothers, my Mom and by reading so many literature. But, you know, the best recipe to keep our good relationship is my modelling. 

My children love to read when i show them that reading is a fun thing. They like to smile a lot because i seem happy to do that. They feel happy to study because their mommy show them how fun it is. They prefer to stay home in holiday than going to the mall, and happily help me with my works instead of playing with the computer, because they see their father do that in his spare time.

I learn from my own experience that all theories are nothing without implementations. I just can't tell my children to do something that i don't like to do. So better for me to  tell them what i really like to do and do exactly what i say in front of them. I realize, to be good model, we must have integrity. So this is it. When i become a mother, i must challenge my self to be a good model instead of spreading words only. That's the heart of life learning.

How 'bout you? :)

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